If you’re an entrepreneur, start-up, business owner, or aspiring one you simply want three things:

  1. Financial freedom from the monetization of your passion, purpose + mission
  2. To spread the solution to a problem that you, your product, or service is really great at solving
  3. A sustainable lifestyle for yourself and/or your family
It’s Challenging

Growing a business of any form is challenging. It’s not for the faint of heart or for those who aren’t comfortable rolling up there sleeves… like everyday. It’s multi-faceted, very much like a roller-coaster ride that doesn’t take breaks, and once ignited, could keep you busy 24/7 if you can stay up that late. Talk about apocalyptic zombie whip-lash. 😮 So, what must an entrepreneur do after creating a business plan and they realize…

It’s Lonely

Growing a business is also pretty lonely. I mean, you have this great idea, you want to spread it with the world so you can get paaaaid and spread the love, but there’s thousands of other people out there who have the same skillset to do exactly what you do. Or sell exactly what you sell. Or create exactly what you’ve created. And ahhhh then customers + clients will merely see you as a disposable piece of insta content and now you can’t pay your bills. Your friends and family wonder why you work so much and can never hangout on weekends. Then suddenly, you’re googling how to get to the gym three times per week. And you’re back to wondering why you started your business in the first place. Cue the I just want to be an Amazon driver tantrum.😭

I’ve Been There

If this saga, cycle, pattern; whatever wild west show you want to call it sounds familiar, I know. I know because I’ve been there, many times in fact. But let me tell you, this is the reality of almost every entrepreneur. And if they tell you otherwise, they’re lying.

You know what entrepreneurs do exceptional well?

Living inside their head. Keeping everything in there, circling it around like a cow chewing cud.

(BTW in the West, “cow” can carry a negative connotation, however in many Eastern cultures cows are seen as sacred. They represent strength, courage, abundance, fertility, generosity, nourishment, serenity, and symbolize that you are ready. (1) (2))

Think of a coach as someone who helps you swallow the cud, eat the fresh grass, meander to greener parts of the pasture, and produce the most luscious, nutritious milk for others to enjoy. And in turn, (yes you’re the cow remember) you yourself become the strongest, most fulfilled, most abundant, (and might I add, the most attractive 😉) cow in a herd of many.

This is your growing edge. This is how you intentionally birth your vision into reality while still having it all in your life. This is how you make money in a clean way that feels good to you. It doesn’t have to be one or the other. A business or your sanity, a six-figure salary or a social life, a never ending to-do list or the needs of your family. You get to have it all, (I’m not saying without hard work, sacrifice + the occasional tantrum) but at the end of the day you either take steps to make it happen or you make excuses. Take action or sit back and envy those who are. As a coach I’m here to help you understand your excuses while giving you the tools, resources, support, and gasoline to reprogram these outdated, unproductive, and unaligned beliefs holding you back from achieving BIG results.


Ready to clear the smoke, own your life, maximize your potential, and become the fiery powerhouse that you truly are?

1. I have two transformative coaching packages designed specifically for entrepreneurs like yourself. If you already own a business and are the sole operator, my One-Day VIP Business Revamp offers an in-depth evaluation of the 6 Major Life Forces influencing your business success right now in this very moment. This package provides a quick, birds-eye-view, into the functionality + profitability of your business so you can take planned action and render rapid results.

Pro Tip: Business Coaching is 100% tax-deductible. Cheers to reinvesting in yourself + your business!

2. My Signature 1:1 Coaching Program is for entrepreneurs, business owners, OR aspiring ones who have long-term objectives, goals, or targets related to their career and/or life. This package provides accountability, innovation, ongoing support, and maintenance towards rewiring your mindset, limiting beliefs, and exploring the various emotional wounds, patterns, and blocks that hinder you from taking aligned action both personally + professionally.


I can’t wait to coach you in growing your business or in taking the plunge in launching one!

xoxo – Haley