Stoke The Flame Coaching

igniting your inner flame

so you can magnify your power + intentionally shape your life + career.

Meet Haley

I am a Life & Business Coach, Entrepreneur + Chef

who inspires passionate entrepreneurs (and aspiring ones), chefs + creatives to STOKE THEIR INNER FIRE + reach their peak performance both personally + professionally.

I motivate clients to make their most powerful impact by intentionally shaping their lives + career through the sustainable monetization of their purpose + passion.

Does this sound like you?


You feel stuck, burnt out, bored, and overall unfulfilled in certain aspects of your life


You're ready for a major transformation + shift in your life, relationships and career


You desire autonomy to call your own shots + effectively delegate yet don’t feel equip or confident


You’re curious about reprograming your mindset, beliefs, behaviors, and responses in order to create the results you truly desire


You’re spinning in circles yet your efforts + systems aren’t lending desired results or next-level earnings


You’re an entrepreneur (or aspiring one), director or sales professional who feels miniscule in an ever-changing competitive market


You have a burning desire, goal, side hustle, or dream but are afraid or hesitant to commit + take action


You want to monetize your skills, education, experience and passions but don’t know how


You crave a more sustainable work life balance


You're ready to generate greater income + sell in a way that feels authentic to you

With over 13 years in the food service industry, 5 years growing a six-figure Personal Chef & Catering business, and healing from my own blocks and limiting beliefs suffocating my career + relationship, I help you gain power over your mind and catalyze the conscious creation of the life you’ve always dreamt about.

The world is simply waiting for you to unleash your greatness.


Coaching Packages

Signature Four Month Program

Your coaching journey begins by diving deep into your current reality + the road that got you here. We identify your next level, your dreams, your passions and what you really, really want. Consciously, we detangle and reprogram the beliefs, patterns and behaviors that keep you smoldering, rooted in safety and blocked from living a life + career that’s truly yours.


This transformative 1:1 Coaching Package includes:


  • Curated Welcome Package
  • Initial Client Intake outlining your goals for our work together
  • Eight 60 minute Coaching Sessions via phone or zoom bi-weekly over a four month period
  • Eight Session Prep Forms for reflection + progress before each session
  • Integrative Heartwork (Homework) to help you execute + embody your next level
  • Accountability, Small Business Mentoring + Your Own Personal Fire Starter (Me, Your Coach!)
Eight Session Investment: $1,200


VIP One Day Business Revamp

Together we break down + rebuild the six major life forces of your business and pin-point wins + risks within each of these critical parts. We then strategize and develop a calculated plan forward, that you can begin executing on immediately. Say hello to increased profits, marketing + selling with ease, and spreading your mission to more of your dream customers!


This One Day Intensive includes:

  • Pre-Strategy Questionnaire to Organize + Prime Your Thoughts
  • 6 hour Zoom Analyzing the Six Major Life Forces of Your Business
  • Written Take Home Action Plan
  • Full Zoom Recording

The Six Major Life Forces of Your Business that we will break down and rebuild:

  • BrandMission, Vision, Target Market, Your Ideal Client/Customer
  • MarketingWebsite, Social Media, Advertising, Networking, Perceived Value of Your Offering
  • SalesProcess, Approach, Barriers
  • Money – Pricing, Accounting, Cash Flow
  • TeamCulture, Delegating, Training
  • SystemsOperations, Processes, Repeatability
Your Business Investment: $1,500

Returning Client?

Flame gone a bit dim as of late? Craving the accountability + fire results you received from our previous work together? I’ve got a VIP Stoke the Flame Package designed just for you!

More About Haley

Growing Up

Let’s start from the very beginning… I was raised an only child, in a small family, in Northeastern, CT where blue collar seemed to leach through the water systems. When I was four my parents experienced a messy divorce, forcing them to co-parent from separate homes. At a young age, I was considered the family mediator, the middle woman, and the one who possessed the ability to keep the peace. My parents did the best they could, attempting to give me the life they never had, which in a serendipitous way, they succeeded at that.

My Rock

One of the very few stable facets of my childhood were my maternal grandparent’s marriage, love and support. As my parents worked tirelessly to financially support their needs as well as their daughters, meanwhile I was likely cooking or baking with my Nana, working around a farm with my grandfather, or riding my horse in their backyard. Relishing in the natural world and using my hands to accomplish a goal became my natural state of flow, purpose & utility.

Gaining Experience

Before I turned sixteen, I began applying for jobs around town. Somehow back then, it was DIFFICULT to land even an entry-level job. But I had stories to tell about milking cows, making pies, breads, cookies, and planting a garden, that made me hirable to a pizza shop in town. I began making my own giant chocolate chip cookies at home to sell at the register. I was the kid who sold pencil lead, rented out pens, and ate sardines at school.

Leaning Into My Passions

Senior year of high school, a Johnson & Wales student came to visit our second-year cooking class. My family swayed me away from pursuing a baking degree but it felt like my natural next step. During my second year at JWU I began to realize the health drawbacks and limitations within the world of baking. I started to become curious around the world of nutrition and how food biochemically affects the functionality of the human mind, body and spirit. After graduating, I felt uninspired and lacked direction so I decided to travel to Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming to return to my roots and fulfill a lifelong dream of leading guests through the western mountains on horseback for the summer. This adventure gifted me a new sense of clarity, which led me to pursue a B.S. in Nutritional Science & Food Science at UConn.

Intentionally Shaping My Career

Post college I managed for a major corporate food contracting company yet again found myself feeling lifeless, bored, and unaligned in my position. I decided to take a huge scary leap and start The Holistic Trick, my now six-figure business as a Personal Chef, providing personalized meal prep and boutique catering services. I started with a couple thousand in savings, zero clients, and drove Uber + Lyft for about a year while I hustled and grew my clientele. It was a time of growth and rebirth, coupled with a breakup, move to a new city, and the cancer diagnoses and death of my favorite person, my maternal grandfather.

My Growing Edge

I became a highly successful and sought-after Chef for families, executives, lawyers, doctors, famous artists & authors, and athletes including several New England Patriots. I was flowing in my zone of genius when I went on a date with my now husband. We clicked right away and shared a similar vision of living on a big piece of land, growing our own food, raising our own animals, and starting a family if all that fit into the picture. I was manifesting more than I’d ever dreamed of, things were grooving, and then… things got serious. When my husband popped the question this sea of fear overtook my nervous system. A mental block I couldn’t break free from was, how could I ever be a successful joyous wife, with a loyal adoring husband when historically, every relationship I’ve ever engaged in failed in a puddle of dysfunction, deceit and chaos?

What Led Me to Coaching

The childhood trauma, wounding and conditioning my parent’s experienced throughout their divorce became reincarnated in my 20-something reality, even though they weren’t mutually exclusive experiences. I felt out of control, afraid, and destined for abandonment and failure. This was around the same time I was hired to cook for a woman’s coaching retreat led by the esteemed Caitlin Winkley at her family’s farm venue, Smith Farm Gardens. A few months later, I embarked on my own personal growth journey and began coaching with Caitlin.

I quickly experienced major shifts in my personal + career life including booking more clients, making A LOT more money, selling + marketing with ease, feeling safe to be a fiancé + future wife, setting A LOT of boundaries, and feeling competent to craft the life I always dreamed of. All I could think was, everyone needs this transformation and support in their life!

In 2022, I earned my life coach training certification through the Next Level Life Coach Training program. I’m thrilled and honored to fulfill my purpose as a Life & Business Coach, and inspire others to pour gasoline on their own innate power and experience the magic the universe has in store for them.

Haley’s Blog

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What My Clients Say

Coaching with Haley is supportive, inspiring and growth provoking. At the age of 60 Haley helped me to define how I want to proceed with my life’s work. She helped me to expose and explore limiting beliefs and most essential, helped me to get really clear on what I desire to let go of.

As I embrace this time where my impetus is to slow down, clarifying when to say “no” and when to advocate for myself, based on almost 40 years in my field, has been instrumental in redefining my business and my life. Thanks Coach Haley!

– Ellen, Yoga Teacher Therapist & Owner at Ellen B. Schaeffer

Coach Haley’s insights and passion for helping small business owners get to the next level made my decision to work with her a no brainer. Before signing on, I was stuck in the fast lane of running the day to day of my business. I was unable to make big changes to make our business more efficient and in turn, more profitable.

Haley’s ability to center my thoughts and focus on making impactful changes has lead to our most profitable year yet. I continue to tap her knowledge and experience when I feel as though I need a recharge – it keeps my business and employees motivated and working to their utmost potential. It doesn’t matter how much work you’re getting done, if you’re not doing it efficiently while integrating systems for change your life won’t get easier.

– Andrew, CEO of RegoEarthworks Inc. an Excavation Contractor

Haley’s commitment to listening, without judgment, and guiding others through inspiration, positive affirmations and structured action steps makes her an exceptional coach to work with. I am so pleased with her ability to help me navigate through career changes and everyday life.

She is wonderful to work with and I recommend her services to anyone looking to make major changes and be their most authentic and successful self.

– Allyssa, Special Education Teacher

Coaching with Haley was truly an inspiring experience that allowed me to open up and grow into a stronger and more powerful woman. Therapy has always been a struggle for me over the years; I never felt like I could be myself and truly open up and express my feelings. When working with Haley she made me feel at ease and comfortable which allowed for me to really open up and share what’s on my mind.

Haley helped me redefine my worth and value in a job that I have been at for over 13 years. She made me recognize that I am extremely valuable and have so much to offer at my workplace and I should not be afraid to ask for what I want. She helped me gain my confidence and find my voice that has been tucked away for too long. With Haley’s supportive coaching I am ready to finally advocate for myself! Thank you for your encouraging coaching and motivation! 

– Lauren, Kindergarten Teacher & Dance Instructor

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